The Revamped Face of Transportation In Nigeria.

Hail us, request us.

Hail Driver

See a Gokada on the street. No need to wait. Just hail us down and we'll start a manual ride.

Request Driver

Or just request us from the app and we'll come to you.

Safety is our business


All drivers are required to wear a helmet and carry an extra helmet for their passenger.

DOT Approved

Helmets are DOT (US Department of Transportation approved) certified, able to withstand forces typical during a motorcycle accident.


Drivers include a hairnet with each ride so you may wear your helmet hygenically.

Selection & Training

Drivers are required to pass an extensive phsychometric and driving test.

Drivers are extensively trained in defensive driving behavior with safety always in mind.

Traffic? No Problem

We get you there 50% quicker.

Cars in Lagos travel at average of 13 Km/H during traffic. Gokada travels 26 Km/H during traffic.

We come to you

Sit back and relax. Just request a Gokada and we’ll come to you. Or spot us on the side of the road and request a manual hail.

Smart Money

Fast and affordable? Gokada’s have all the travel range benefits of a car while being more affordable. Furthermore, Gokada ride pricing is predictable with a standard fare rate. No more haggling, just get going.

Yellow Taxi
*distance of 9km

Our Mission

Do good. Do well.

Our drivers are our life blood. We don’t call them heroes, or captains, or jedis. They are people making a better lives for themselves and their families. We strongly believe in supporting them in anyway and in return, Gokada will prosper.


Through Gokada, drivers are able to own their bike after one year of service.


Drivers on average earn 2x more than they had previously. Gokada supports drivers with pension plans, recreational services, and health services.

Coming Soon

Gokada has big plans ahead. Transport is just a start.

Stay tuned.

Send report about driver.

If you have any problems with the driver, let us know and we will solve them!